Call for Abstracts: University of Florida

"Religio, Religare, and the Capacitiers of Religion in the Modern World"

Deadline: 9.12.2017

Call for Registration: GAPSYM11, 15.12.2017, Ghent University

"Health in Africa, an interdisciplinary approach"

Deadline: 10.12.2017

Call for Papers: ABORNE Annual Meeting, 16.-17.04.2018, Cagliari

"Materiality and Immateriality in the Reproduction of African Borders"

Deadline: 18.12.2017

Call for Registration: ASA Programm

Deadline: 10.01.2018

Call for Application, Graduate Schlool of Int. and Development Studies, Geneva

Deadline: 15.01.2018

Call for Papers: Researching Africa Day 2018, 3.03.2018, University of Oxford

"African Studies Beyond the Binary: Critical Encounters at the Intersection"

Deadline: 19.01.2018

Call for Proposals, AEGIS Summer School, 3.-7.07.2018 Cagliari

Deadline: 21.01.2018

Call for Panels Conference of the Association of African Studies, 27.-30.06.2018, Leipzig

„African Connections“

Deadline: 31.01.2017

Call for Papers: African Studies Association, 27.-30.06.2018, Leipzig

"Africans Across the Indian Ocean"

Call for Papers: 7th Int. Symposium, 13.-15.09.2018 University of Oxford

"Mapping Empires, Colonial Cartographies of Land and Sea"

Deadline: 1.03.2018