Februar 2017
Public Lecture: Prof. Dr. Richard Rottenburg - "African Planetary Futures”
09.02.2017 18:15 Uhr

Public Lecture

Prof. Dr. Richard Rottenburg -  "African Planetary Futures”

Abstract: In this lecture I will propose to concentrate on four issues
that are widely recognized in public debates and are analytic
condensations of the seventeen measurable UN Sustainable Development
Goals. These issues can be captured by the concepts capital, orderings,
environment, and bodies while taking into account that they are always
intertwined. In doing so I prioritize three realms of practice that cut
across the delineated issues: imaginaries, infrastructuring,
(de)ontologizing. My starting point is uncertainty about the future and
the outcome of any human endeavour

09.02.2017 - 18.15 - GWII S5