April 2017
Conference Model African Union
18.04.2017 - 23.04.2017

We, the Model African Union Bayreuth Association established the Model African Union Conference in Bayreuth, which took place the first time in April 2016. The reactions coming from the participants were overwhelming and so the MAU Bayreuth association decided to build a team, the MAU Secretariat 2017, that should develop, grow, but also reinvent this conference:

We invite university students from all fields of study, students from high school/sixth form but also employees to join us into the unique experience of a Model African Union Conference.

We provide various occasions for education on that conference. 22 motivated Bayreuth University students, the huge secretariat, pursued their vision and elaborated a conference concept that consists of debate in one of the eight committees, of workshops conducted by invited experts and of cultural events taking place every day.

We tripled the size for the next conference in 2017: 150 delegates, 16 chairs of the committees, guest speakers that will inspire you, experts that conduct the workshops and of course the huge secretariat itself: People from Europe, Africa and the whole world will come to Bayreuth from the 18th to the 23rd of April. If you want to be part of that amazing experience, apply as a delegate or as a chair. See you soon!

In cooperation with BIGSAS.

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