April 2017
Workshop "The Distorted Mirror"
29.04.2017 - 30.04.2017


The Distorted Mirror: Reflections on Time and Space in Speculative Media

29 and 30 April 2017
S 50, RW

Time and space are often the two primary pillars that support thinking about fictional texts, be they literary or cinematographic. Although both pillars are often treated as being separate from each other, this workshop aims to look at the two concepts as being in constant dialogue, while mutually informing each other. Theorization of fictional narratives has for a long time given preference to time over space, thus creating a binary as opposed to dialectic. Current discourses, however, focus on their interplay in order to identify futurist elements and their worldmaking potential.
The speculative city and its urban landscapes are formed as much through the passing, fracturing, and compressing of time as they are through the use of the available fictional spaces. Projections of future dreams and imaginations, and utopias as well as dystopias lie at the heart of constructing futures that run on ideas of inclusivity, diversity, the re-activation of the past, and the renegotiation of social bonds and networks. The future is imagined as an alternative to the current status quo while incorporating and re-imagining essential current-day practices. The interplay between temporal and spatial reconfigurations thus becomes a core value for speculative fictions.

Confirmed Speakers:
Mark Bould (University of the West of England Bristol), Raimi Gbadamosi (University of Pretoria), Henriette Gunkel (Goldsmiths College), Kara Lynch (Hampshire College) and Peggy Piesche (Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies)