April 2017
BIGSAS Welcome Day
27.04.2017 09:00 Uhr

W E L C O M E   D A Y

Location: S 17, GSP


9:00 am
Welcoming by the Dean Prof Dr Dymitr Ibriszimow and the Assistant Coordinator Stefanie Jost (with introduction of the BIGSAS administration team)

09:40 am
Introduction of the Postdocs and their research topics by Dr Benedetta Lanfranchi, Dr Emnet Tadesse Woldegiorgis and Dr Benedikt Pontzen

09:50 am
Introduction of the new Junior Fellows and their PhD topics

10:00 am
Information about the Junior Fellow activities by the Junior Fellow Representatives

10:15 am
Information about the Gender and Diversity Programme by Deputy Gender and Diversity Representative Dr Ulf Vierke

10:35 am
Information about the International Office (INO) by Welcome Center members Angela Rösler-Wedlich and Susan Lausmann

10:50 am
Information about the International Club for the University of Bayreuth by chairwomen Gaby Ulrich and Mavie Schäfer

Common lunch at the GSP cafeteria (Mensa), self-catering

12:30 pm
Information about the University of Bayreuth Graduate School (UBTGS) by Representative of the Doctoral Candidates Judith Bieberich

01:00 pm
IT Introduction by IT Manager Rainer Noack

The International Club for the University of Bayreuth hosts a Welcome Party on 27 April 2017, 7 – 9 pm at the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Haus (Eichendorffring 5, 95447 Bayreuth) for all international students!