Juli 2017
Public Lecture by Sam Bardaouil
26.07.2017 19:00 Uhr

P U B L I C   L E C T U R E

with Dr Sam Bardaouil (Art Reoriented, Munich & New York)

"The Art and Liberty Group: Towards A New Art-Historical Definition of Surrealism"

Wed, 26 July 2017, 7 pm

Foyer, Iwalewahaus

Through consulting a significant body of artworks, most of which are on public view for the first time in the exhibition Art et Liberté: rupture, war and surrealism in Egypt (1938–1948), along with a diverse corpus of unpublished documents, this presentation demonstrates how, the group developed a distinct Surrealist aesthetic that was at once, internationally minded yet locally concerned. It posits the groups’ significant visual and literary contributions beyond the polemics of post-colonial discourse, advocating for a new art-historical understanding of the Surrealist movement that transcends the polarizing dichotomies of Saidian Orientalism.

Organised by the BIGSAS Workgroup Aesthetics.