Mai 2017
Research Colloquium
23.05.2017 14:00 Uhr


Research Colloquium

23.05.2017, 14 c.t., GWI/S125

Satiric and Comic Irony: Framing intervention in Luo Popular culture and Media in two films, Kalausi and Cleansing

Prof. Christ Odhiambo (Moi University)

& Dr. Loreen Maseno (Maseno University)


Death and its aftermath have always generated passionate debates and discourse among the Luo. The Luo ‘cultures and traditions’ of death in modernity’s set-up have been vilified and ridiculed by both members of the Luo ethnic nation and non-members. In this presentation, I am interested in how two Dholuo films- Kalausi and Cleansing frame their interventions of the ‘rituals of death’ among the Luo community; and how they deploy, the possibilities inherent in the film as an emerging popular media in to laugh at and invite reformation of these cultural and traditional practices within the context of ambivalent and contradictory modernity.