Juni 2017
Diversity Lecture by Dr Christine Klapeer
29.06.2017 19:00 Uhr

D I V E R S I T Y   L E C T U R E
Dr Christine Klapeer
Department of Development Sociology, University of Bayreuth

"Diversity, Intersectionality, Assemblage: How to talk about the complex relationship between difference(s) and power"

Thu, 29 June 2017, 7 pm

This public lecture is part of the BIGSAS Gender and Diversity Programme.

My talk engages with current debates and critiques of the formative concepts of intersectionality and diversity, inquiring how they are articulated and have become understood within institutional contexts, such as the (neoliberal) University.  By drawing on Sara Ahmed’s and Nikita Dhawan’s critical analyses I will argue, that while these concepts originally aimed to enrich and complexify struggles for racial, gender and sexual justice, they are now, for the most part “non-performative”, which means that they have become a strategy that does not substantially change structural inequalities or power relations.  In my presentation I will thus engage with the political genealogies of these concepts and discuss how they were originally aimed to tackle (and change) power relations and how (marginalized) people, such as People of Color, Queers, Women* or People with Dis*abilities are affected by intersecting forms of discrimination based on gender, race, ability, sexuality, class. My talk concludes with the question what we can draw from these critical and mostly theoretical debates on intersectionality and diversity: How would an intersectional and “performative” diversity politics that is sensitive to structural power relations look like?