September 2017
BIGSAS Career Day
15.09.2017 09:00 Uhr

3rd  B I G S A S   C A R E E R   D A Y

Friday, 15 September 2017
9 am - 4 pm
Room S 61, RW Building

The objective of this Career Day is to provide doctoral students of BIGSAS with insights into various fields of occupation for BIGSAS graduates, and to bring us in touch with relevant personnel recruiters and interesting people who entered professional life in- and outside of academia. They give relevant and first-hand information on skills needed for an applicant with a doctoral degree, on advantages and disadvantages of working in different branches and on how to enter a professional career in institutions. Such a day gives all of us the opportunity for discussing with experts from practice their experiences and our expectations of what ‘life after the defence’ can be like. Speakers will talk to us about planning a career (integration vs. return), academic career and research funding, creating international research and education networks and career outside academia.


Organised by: Junior Fellow Representatives & Junior Fellow Working Committee