Januar 2018
Research Colloquium: A Survey of South African Crime Fiction - Lecture and Book Launch
16.01.2018 14:00 Uhr

A Survey of South African Crime Fiction:
Lecture and Book Launch
(Sam Naidu, Rhodes University)

In their recent publication, A Survey of South Afiican Crime Fr'ctr'orz,
Naidu and le Roux contend that the perception that crime fiction in
South Africa is a new form of literature is enoneous. They show that
the genre has been published from time to time throughout the twentieth
century and some works date back to the nineteenth century, but as a
genre, crime fiction has certainly burgeoned and branched in various
new directions in the twenty-first century. This book theorises and
historicises South African crime fiction as an emergent category in
South African literary studies, using a tandem methodology of
publishing history and literary criticism, informed mainly by
structuralist and postcolonial literary theory. The book also explores the
wide array of subgenres that exists, using literary genre studies. This
survey takes the approach that this genre, with its protean subgenres, is
collectively generated by authors, readers and publishers and is an
ideological product that robustly and cogently reflects its sociopolitical
rnilieu. Prof Naidu will provide an overview of the book in her talk.