Juni 2018
Guest lecture: Prof. Dr. Hiram Morgan,
19.06.2018 18:30 Uhr


Guest lecture: Prof. Dr. Hiram Morgan, "Sir John Pope-Hennessy and Sir Roger Casement: Irish Humanitarians in Colonial Africa"
Tuesday, 19 June 2018; 18:30 s.t., room S8 (GW II)

In this lecture, historian Hiram Morgan examines the role of the Irish in colonial Africa. The Irish, both Catholic and Protestant, had many roles as explorers, officials, soldiers, settlers, miners and missionaries, particularly in British run-territories. Although an Irish brigade fought for the Boers against Britain in 1899—1902, in most cases they were busy subalterns involved keeping indigenous people in submission. This lecture, however, con­centrates on the colonial reformer, Sir John Pope-Hennessy (1834—1891). He was governor of Sierra Leone and Mauritius, among other places, and was a promoter of native self-rule. It also discusses the career of Sir Roger Casement (1864—1916), whose consular work exposed the abuses and exploitation of King Leopold’s rule in the Congo. Their legacy is still apparent today, as the interests of these men were important pointers towards the policies an independent Ireland would eventually adopt.


Born in Belfast in 1960, Hiram Morgan was educated at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and now teaches at University College Cork. He has written Tyrone’s Rebellion (Woodbridge, 1993) and has edited Political Ideology in Ireland, 1541-1641 (Dublin, 1999), Information, Media and Power through the Ages (Dublin, 2001) and The Battle of Kinsale (Bray, 2004). He was a founder and co-editor of History Ireland, Ireland’s illustrated history magazine. He is director of CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts of Ireland and is currently working on a biography of Hugh O’Neill, earl of Tyrone, for publication by the Royal Irish Academy.


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