Herr Prof. Dr. Solofo Randrianja

Einladende Institution: Institut für Afrikastudien
Aufenthalt: 21. Oktober 2008 - 19. Januar 2009
Heimatuni: Université de Tamatave U.E.R. d’Histoire (Madagaskar)
Informationen zur Person: Prof. Solofo Randrianja spent two months in Bayreuth, from October to December 2008, at the Chair of Social Development Studies (Prof. Dieter Neubert) as a guest of the Institute of African Studies (IAS).
Solofo Randrianja is a Professor of history at the University of Toamasina (often still called by its old name of Tamatave), and has authored several books on political history and ethnicity in Madagascar.

Guest lecture at Bayreuth:

"The State in Africa" (seminar)