Herr Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Maina Waziri

Einladende Institution: Prof. Dr. Dymitr Ibriszimow, Afrikanistik II
Aufenthalt: 01. Mai 2009 - 31. Juli 2009
Heimatuni: University Maiduguri (Nigeria)
Schwerpunkt regional: Nigeria
Forschungsfelder: vorkoloniale, koloniale und postkoloniale Geschichte Afrikas
Informationen zur Person: Professor Waziri is an invited guest Professor by the Institute of African Studies for a research stay from May to July 2009. During his stay at the University of Bayreuth, he will be engaging in continuing collaborative research with Prof. Ibriszimow and Prof. von Oppen involvement in academic activities with students of Afrikanistik I, II & Geschichte Afrikas / African History in linguistic and historical research methods and analyses.

Professor Waziri a Humboldtian at University of Bayreuth from 2004-2005 was part of a very long multi-disciplinary collaborative research partnership with Professor Dr. Ibriszimow in the project under German Research Foundation, between Universities of Frankfurt and Maiduguri from 1997-2002, (“Historical Implications of a Linguistic Environment: Towards a Systemic Approach” (B6/ SFB 286)”). At the University of Maiduguri he was Head of the Department of History, at present, apart from teaching, he coordinates Postgraduate Strategic Studies and supervises research projects of many undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is an active member of the Historical Society of Nigeria, of ASSU and of the Borno Museum Society.

Highly appreciative of the academic environment at University of Bayreuth, Prof. Waziri mentioned in particular the excellent collaborative partner, supportive colleagues and staff in almost all fields of African studies as well as the superb facilities such as the library, accommodation and the hospitable atmosphere. That is why Bayreuth has become the place for the pursuance of a new area of research in the field of African oral tradition, with particular interest in the Chadic groups in northeastern Nigeria.

Contact at the University of Bayreuth: GW I, Afrikanistik II