Frau Prof. Paromita Sanyal

Einladende Institution: Prof. Dieter Neubert
Aufenthalt: 31. Mai 2010
Heimatuni: Wesleyan University (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
Forschungsfelder: Entwicklungssoziologie Development Sociology
Informationen zur Person: Paromita Sanyal (Ph.D. Sociology: Harvard, 2008) is an assistant professor in the Dept. of Sociology at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, U.S.A. Broadly, she specializes in the sociology of development and economic sociology. Her specific interests are in the fields of culture and economy, political participation, gender, and the role of non-governmental organizations. Her research focuses on India and is based on the use of qualitative methods, including observations and interviews. She has done extensive fieldwork in India. Invited by Prof. Dieter Neubert as guest of the Chair of Develop-ment Sociology, she will stay at IAS.

She is currently pursuing active research on two sets of themes:

I. Microfinance and questions of whether and how it improves women’s agency, social capital, and normative influence; determinants of its success and failure, including the ways in which household and family structures influence loan-use patterns and women participation; how social cleavages based on religion and caste affect group survival and collective mobilization.

II. Deliberative Democracy: exploring how factors like caste, gender, poverty, and literacy affect public participation and manners of articulation in the gram sabha, or public village meetings, which have been instituted to facilitate deliberative equality targeted at development.

Guest lectures and research at Bayreuth:

Date and venue are not yet fixed and will be announced in time.