Herr Prof. Taoufik Agoumy

Einladende Institution: Prof. Herbert Popp
Aufenthalt: 03. Mai 2010 - 24. Juli 2010
Heimatuni: Université Mohammed V - Agdal (Marokko)
Informationen zur Person: Prof. Agoumy has been Professor of Urban Geography at Mohammed V-Agdal University in Rabat since 1998. 1994-1996 Chef de Département, since 1999 Vice-President of the “National Association of Moroccan Geographers”. He passed his PhD at the Near Eastern Studies Department at Princeton University (N.J., USA) with a monography about “Housing the Urban Poor of Taza, Morocco, and the Impact of the Relocation Process”. He received several grants (Fulbright Fellowships, visiting professorships at Tours/ France, Wisconsin, TU München and Bayreuth (2003).

His research activities focus on aspects of urban geography of Morrocan towns, especially transport organization in the old town (medina) of Fès; development trends of the post-colonial cities in Northern Africa; impact of migration on urban development in Morocco; architecture as a visual component for the quality of life and heritage classification in Moroccan.



Guest lectures and research at Bayreuth:



      • Seminar on “Processes of Urbanization in Northern Africa” (preparatory seminar for the student’s field-trip to Morocco, March 2011)


      • Seminar (with Regina Fein) on “Urbanization and urban development in Africa” in SS 2010, every Wednesday 10-12 h, S 22, Building GEO II


      • Guest lecture (in the context of the “Geographisches Kolloquium” in SS 2010), May 18, 18.15 h, H 6, Building GEO II “ International migration and its impact on urban develop¬ment in Morocco”


      • Research activities: The role of cultural heritage-related activities for the development of Moroc¬can old towns (medinas), co-project with Frank Meyer (Chair of Urban Geography)