Herr Dr. Idrissa Embalo

Einladende Institution: Prof. Georg Klute
Aufenthalt: 01. Mai 2009 - 19. Juni 2009
Heimatuni: National Institute for Studies and Research, Bissau (Guinea Bissau)
Informationen zur Person: Dr. A. Idrissa Embaló, director of research at INEP - National Institute for Studies and Research in Guinea-Bissau has been invited by the Institute of African Studies for a research stay from May to June 2009. During his stay at the University of Bayreuth he also will pass on his knowledge in a seminar about theoretical and methodological aspects of research in legal anthropology, attended by doctoral and master students.

Dr. Embaló is among those members of INEP who initiated a collaborative research project with Bayreuth University on “Local Strategies of Conflict Management in Guinea-Bissau”. The proposal had been awarded by the Volkswagen Foundation in 2006 and is funded with about 500.000 € for a period of three years, until 2009. Research within the framework of the project is currently conducted by eleven investigators, both from Guinea-Bissau and Germany. Dr. Embaló is one of two project coordinators in Guinea-Bissau. Apart from coordinating and administrative tasks, he supervises research projects of three PhD students and one MA candidate.

Dr. Embaló, who holds a chair in sociology at Amilcar Cabral University, appreciates the academic facilities in Bayreuth, in particular the “excellent library”, as he says, in order to explore possibilities of research in the Bissau-Guinean- Senegalese borderland. During the last years, his interest in borderland studies has been constantly growing. He projects to extend research to the Casamance / Guinea-Bissau border region.