Herr Dr. Jean-Benoit Tsofack

Einladende Institution: Prof. Martina Drescher
Aufenthalt: 28. Oktober 2009 - 22. Dezember 2009
Heimatuni: Université de Dschang (Kamerun)
Informationen zur Person: Dr. Jean-Benoît Tsofack – Senior lecturer in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages since 1997 – is guest at the Chair of Romanistik II hold by Prof. Martina Drescher. He initiates the new multi-disciplinary research cooperation between the Universities of Bayreuth and Dschang that started in spring 2009 and that has now been institutionalised by an official memorandum of understanding.

His main fields of research are discourse analysis and sociolinguistics. His current research focuses on urban sociolinguistics (language contact, plurilingualism, language and space) and health communication.