Herr PhD Nataniel Ngomane

Einladende Institution: Prof. Dr. Ute Fendler, Romanistik I
Aufenthalt: 01. Juni 2011 - 30. Juli 2011
Heimatuni: University Eduardom Mondlane of Maputo
Informationen zur Person: Nataniel Ngomane is the Director of the School of Communication and Arts at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo. He was invited by Ute Fendler, ViceDirector of the Institute of African Studies, to be a guest lecturer at BIGSAS from 1st June until 30th July 2011. Ngomane is a comparatist and one of the leading academics of Mozambican literature. He started his academic career at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique, where he completed his BA degree in 1994. Five years later, he moved to Brazil to finish his Ph.D. in Comparative Studies of Literature in Portuguese Languages at the University of São Paulo. Ngomane also worked as the editor of the Lua Nova Journal, which is published by the Mozambican Writers Association (AEMO). Moreover, he has authored fifteen articles on transculturation and linguistic representativeness. His most recent publication, Dialogues with Mozambique. Interdisciplinary Reflections, Readings and Approaches on Mozambican Studies, explains the role of Mozambican literature and cultural production in order to create a greater understanding of Mozambique. During his stay at BIGSAS and the University of Bayreuth, he gave a guest lecture on “Reflectindo sobre a formação da Literatura Moçambicana” (Reflections on the formation of Mozambican Literature).