Herr Prof. Youssef Wahboun

Einladende Institution: Iwalewa-Haus
Aufenthalt: 30. Oktober 2011
Heimatuni: University Mohamed V, Agdal Rabat (Marokko)
Informationen zur Person: Youssef Wahboun, artist and professor of art history and comparative aesthetics at University Mohamed V-Agdal Rabat (Morocco) visited Iwalewa-Haus and the University of Bayreuth from 15th to 30th October 2011. Having participated in the BIGSAS-Conference ‘Tracks and Traces of Violence’ in July 2011, he came back to reinforce the exchange with the researchers at Iwalewa-Haus and BIGSAS and to give a presentation on literature in Morocco. Together with Ute Fendler, chair of romance literatures, and Ulf Vierke, director of Iwalewa-Haus, future collaborations were discussed, including exhibitions in Bayreuth, Rabat and Nairobi and an exchange project between the Universities of Rabat, Bayreuth and Maputo (Mozambique).