Herr Prof. Adams Bodomo

Einladende Institution: Dr. Manfred von Roncador. Institut für Afrika-Studien
Aufenthalt: 01. April 2012 - 00. 0000
Heimatuni: University of Hong Kong (China)
Informationen zur Person: Adams Bodomo, Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the School of Humanities, University of Hong Kong and Director of the University’s African Studies Programme, spent three months, from April to June 2012, at the Institute of African Studies (IAS), the University of Bayreuth. He was invited by Manfred von Roncador. While in Bayreuth, Adams Bodomo worked on a project about the Dagaare language in Ghana. His research centers on general linguistics, syntax, semantics, com- puter-mediated communication, digital humanities, and African stud- ies. He is the author/editor of over 10 books on diverse linguistic topics, including language typology, e.g. The Structure of Dagaare (1997, CSLI) and lexicography, e.g. A Dagaare-Cantonese-English Lexicon for Lexico- graphical Field Research Training (2004, Köppe). His recent book, Afri- cans in China: A Sociocultural Study and its Implications on Africa-Chi- na Relations (2012, Cambria Press) focuses on his most recent research interest, i.e. the vibrant emerging diaspora of Africans in China; being part of a new direction in linguistics which he refers to as ‘diaspora linguistics’. He elaborated on this during his talk entitled “Africans in China: Language use in Africa's newest diaspora" in the linguistics Colloquium. He will be nearer to Bayreuth in the future, since he has been ap- pointed full professor for African Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria, thus allowing for more frequent exchanges with colleagues in Bayreuth. Besides enjoying research and teaching in Bayreuth, he also took a vivid interest in Franconian and German culture and took time off to explore the nearer and farther landscape during his daring hiking and trekking expeditions.