Herr Yonamine

Einladende Institution: Iwalewa-Haus
Aufenthalt: 01. Juni 2012 - 31. August 2012
Informationen zur Person: The Angolan artist Yonamine was artist in residence at the Iwalewa-Haus from June to August 2012. During his stay, he worked on his project “Reichparteitagsgelände – Terrorismo Poetico”, an aesthetic investigation of German history and language. He also presented aspects of his work in seminars and worked closely with BA and MA students. Yonamine is one of the most promising young artists from the Angolan contemporary art scene. He is at the forefront of formulating a new vision of a post-war society in the context of the ambivalence between economic power and social injustice. Moving between Luanda and Lisbon, he is also part of the generation of nomadic artists, using residencies like Bayreuth to find new themes to explore and new artistic strategies to develop his position towards art and history in general. He has been exhibited in various places including Venice, Bordeaux, Havanna and Sao Paulo. The residency in Bayreuth was his first long stay in Germany.