Herr Claudio Manoel

Einladende Institution: Institut für Afrikastudien
Aufenthalt: 31. Oktober 2012
Heimatuni: Universidade Federal do Reconcavo de Bahia (Brasilien)
Informationen zur Person: The media scholar Claudio Manoel was a guest at the Institute of African Studies in October 2012. He teaches audiovisual media at the Universidade Federal do Reconcavo de Bahia in Chachoeira; is the producer of the DJ-collective Pragatecno, and is a curatorial consultant for the art society Hansen Bahia and the cultural administration of the region. During his stay in Bayreuth, he curated the exhibitions ‘Recôncavo baiano – Videoclipe como mapeamento musical da cultura afro-brasileira‘ and ‘Corpo, Afroculturas, Tecnologias’ at the Iwalewa- Haus and gave two lectures on media theory and practise. His visit was important in the context of the growing collaboration between the Iwalewa-Haus and universities in Brasil, which are also related in triangular networks with universities in Africa. At the Institute of Arican Studies, such a network is in the making between Chachoeira, Maputo and Bayreuth and is aimed at developing strategies and practices in research and teaching.