Herr Prof. James Cox

Einladende Institution: Religionswissenschaft I
Aufenthalt: 31. Juli 2010
Heimatuni: University of Edinburgh (Großbritannien)
Informationen zur Person: James Cox was invited by the Chair of Religious Studies I in the scope of the ERASMUS exchange programme between Bayreuth University and the University of Edinburgh. James Cox is professor of Religious Studies at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh. His academic interests are focused on indigenous religions with emphasis on Africa, the Arctic and Australia, and methodologies in the study of religions. He has published extensively on the phenomenologyof religion and indigenous religions. During his stay in Bayreuth (11th-16th July) he participated in the international workshop “Continuity and Change in the Religious Field: Perspectives from Africa” (12th-16th July) and the DAAD Summer Academy “Religion and Order in Africa”. His stay in Bayreuth was completed by two public lectures o African Indigenous Religions as a World Religion” and “Religion and Politics: A Case Study of Religion in the Land Reform in Zimbabwe”.