Herr PhD Ayalew Gebre Cheru

Einladende Institution: Prof. Dr. Georg Klute
Aufenthalt: 01. Oktober 2009 - 31. Dezember 2009
Heimatuni: Addis Ababa University
Informationen zur Person: Ayalew Gebre Cheru, assistant professor in the department of Social Anthropology of Addis Ababa University, visited Bayreuth University from October to December 2009, invited by Georg Klute, Cultural Anthropology of Africa, and financed by the DAAD. Ayalew Gebre, a former student of Prof. Mohammed Salih at The Insti-tute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague, the Netherlands, has worked extensively on the transformation of pastoralism/ pastoralists in the Awash Valley region of Ethiopia. More recently he has developed an interest in the study of the dimensions and local knowledge and perceptions of HIV/AIDS and other STDs. During his stay in Bayreuth, he gave a lecture entitled ‘Understanding the Dynamics of Land Transaction Practices in Agro-Pastoral Neighbourhoods of the Karrayu in Eastern Ethiopia’ and taught a seminar on ‘Conflicts in the ethnic federal state of Ethiopia and modes of conflict resolution’, together with Georg Klute.