Herr Prof. Chukwuma Okoye

Aufenthalt: 01. September 2007 - 00. 0000
Informationen zur Person: Chukwuma Okoye, Professor and Head of the Department of Theatre and Performing Arts, University of Ibadan, was the guest of Eckhard Breitinger between September and October 2012 as an Alexander von Humboldt returning scholar. Chukwuma Okoye has been working on a book length study of Igbo masquerades. His manuscript The Body of my ‘Friend-Liminal Presences in Igbo Masquerade Theatre is forthcoming in the Bayreuth African Studies series edited Eckhard Breitinger. In his research, Chukwuma Okoye looks at masquerades primarily under performative aspects. He is also a widely recognised playwright. He won the Association of Nigerian Authors’ drama prize for his play We the Beast (1991).