Herr Camille Roger Abolou

Einladende Institution: Prof. Dr. Martina Drescher, Lehrstuhl für Romanische und allgemeine Sprachwissenschaften
Aufenthalt: 15. Oktober 2013 - 14. Dezember 2013
Heimatuni: Universität Bouaké (Elfenbeinküste)
Schwerpunkt regional: Linguistik und Romanistik
Informationen zur Person: Prof. Camille Roger Abolou – Full Professor in the department of language and communication sciences since 1994 – is guest at the Chair of Romanistik II hold by Prof. Martina Drescher. As a member of several Pan-African scientific organizations, he currently works on the new research program between the Universities of Bayreuth and Bouaké.

Since 2012, Prof. Camille Roger Abolou is a full profesor at the department of language and communication sciences of the University of Bouaké (Côte d‘Ivoire). He received his doctoral degree in sociolinguistics from the University of René Descartes – Paris V (Sorbonne) (France) in 1994. He currently teaches sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, social communication, media analysis and pragmatics. He has published books and several papers in international journals. His monographs include Langues et développement (2008), Langues et médias en Afrique noire francophone (2011), Les français populaires africains (2012). His current research focuses on language and media, discourse analysis, syntax of African French, pidginization/creolization, development and language. During his stay in Bayreuth, he will offer the course titled „Le français d‘Afrique“ and develop his research on discourse markers. His current book project is titled La construction du sens dans les français populaires africains.