Dr. Busolo Wegesa

Einladende Institution: BIGSAS
Aufenthalt: 01. Januar 2015 - 30. April 2015
Heimatuni: Moi University (Kenia)
Forschungsfelder: literature, Comparative and African literature, theories of literature
Informationen zur Person: “My stay at BIGSAS has given me the time to reflect on several issues in my own academic journey.”

Dr Busolo Wegesa teaches at the Department of Literature, Theatre and Film Studies at Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya, and is currently a BIGSAS guest. He has been teaching at Moi University, one of BIGSAS’s Partner Universities, for 26 years. Dr Wegesa’s research interests are Literature in general, Comparative and African Literature and Theories of Literature. His current research focuses on the black diaspora in African-American and Caribbean Literature and the works of V.S. Naipaul, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2001.
Dr Wegesa started as a teacher in Kwale High School, Kwale District, Kenya, in 1981. After studying at the University of Nairobi (B.Ed.) and Kenyatta University (M.Ed.) he finished his doctoral studies in Eldoret, Kenya, from 1996–2011. Dr Wegesa is holding a PhD in Literature from Moi University. He has been trained as a teacher from the beginning of his career and has “done nothing else in [his] whole life” – so the path to become a professor was very clear. In his private life Dr Wegesa enjoys gardening and farming and is interested in breeding dogs.
He has been to Bayreuth before in 2011 for a three-day stay presenting a paper at the conference “Tracks and Traces of Violence”. Now in 2015, he finally has the time to get to know the town and region and is glad to explore Bayreuth and its university, especially the university library where he found a “well-equipped” section of books on African Studies.
During his guest stay at BIGSAS Dr Wegesa’s main aim is to strengthen the collaboration between the two Partner Universities and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and material. He has been attending several events like the BIGSAS Colloquium in January, defenses and the workshop “Researching Culture and Society” in February where he presented a paper on the subject “Dealing with Research Protocols”. Furthermore, he engages individually with BIGSAS students and supports them regarding their PhD training. “It has been a very fruitful time at BIGSAS”, Dr Wegesa reflects on his stay.
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