Herr Dr. Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar

Einladende Institution: Institut für Afrikastudien
Aufenthalt: 00. 0000
Heimatuni: Universidad de los Andes (Kolumbien)
Forschungsfelder: anthropology
Informationen zur Person: Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar is currently Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Critical Studies Program on Political Transitions at the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. He was Rechtskulturen Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study and Humboldt University, Both in Berlin, and research Fellow at Columbia University (New York), and at the Center for Study of Ethno-political Conflict, University of Pennsylvania. Between 2002 and 2004, Prof. Castillejo-Cuéllar also served as Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation and the Direct Action Center for Peace and Memory, both in South Africa. He has also been British Academy Latin American Fellow (2007), Visiting Professor and Guest Scholar at the School of Oriental and African Studies (2007), London, professor at Zayed University, Dubai (where he also founded in 2009 the International Journal for the Study of Culture and Society, 2009), and Mellon Foundation Visiting Scholar to the University of Western Cape, South Africa (2014). He has also been guest speaker at various other institutions in México and Argentina. In 2002, he was consultant to the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and in 2010 to the Colombian National Commission for Reparation and Reconciliation and the Historical Memory Group. As part of his collaborative engagement with victims’ organizations in Colombia, he recently served as chief rapporteur in charge of writing the official proposals on behalf of the National Conference of Victims of Forced Disappearances to the peace process in Havana. He has been recipient of several awards, including the Stanley Diamond Memorial Award in the Social Sciences (New School University, 2006), the Angel Escobar Foundation National Award in the Social Sciences, and the “Guillermo Hoyos Essay Prize on Perspectives on Peace” awarded by the Lain American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), Argentina. His latest initiative deals with a laboratory for study of multisensorial ethnographies and a project on memory and acoustic ecologies.

His writing and ethnographic work has dealt with the personal and communal effects of political violence among displaced communities of peasants and urban dwellers in Colombia, and apartheid victims’ in South Africa. During the last years he has also been conducting research on the judicial scenarios that have been part of the demobilization process of former paramilitaries. Based on these materials, Prof. Castillejo is currently finishing the book Under the Shades of the Law: the Politics and Aesthetics of Forced Disappearances in Colombia, an ethnographic exploration of Colombia’s transitional scenario. He has also been working on a short personal reflection on pedagogy entitled, The Nomadic Word: Violence, Globalization and the Pedagogies of the Irreparable.