Herr Edwin Salcedo

Einladende Institution: Institut für Afrikastudien
Aufenthalt: 00. 0000
Heimatuni: University of Pompeu Fabra (Spanien)
Forschungsfelder: international cooperation, diversity, inclusion, antdiscrimination law
Informationen zur Person:

Edwin Salcedo is an Afro-Colombian publicist and communications expert with experiences in international cooperation and diversity and inclusion methodologies. Salcedo studied marketing strategies, human rights, economic development and project design and management. Edwin Salcedo has served as the Director and Founder of the Discrimination Observatory of Cartagena and Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Interior of Colombia. Furthermore, Edwin Salcedo has been an activist for the rights of the Afro-Colombian community, a politician and a former Development Specialist for USAID Colombia. Salcedo´s incidence in public policy and civil society has contributed to the delivery of the first Colombian Constitutional Court sentence for a case of discrimination, and the creation of the antidiscrimination law. Edwin is currently pursuing a master degree in Current Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism and Multiculturalism at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, Spain.