Herr Sana N'Hada

Einladende Institution: IWALEWAHAUS
Aufenthalt: 29. Mai 2016
Schwerpunkt regional: Guinea-Bissau
Informationen zur Person: Sana N'Hada is a film director and writer. He was born in 1950 in Guinea-Bissau. His Well-known films are "Xime" (2014), "Os Escultores de Espiritos" (2015) and "Kadjike" (2013). He focuses on the political and social realities in his homeland and has a lifelong friendship with Flora Gomes, the other important film director of the first generation of film makers in Guinea-Bissau. In a cinematic career spanning some four plus decades Sana N'Hada has borne witness to the best and the worst times in Guinea-Bissau. He joined Amìlcar Cabral's revolutionary army in the heady days of the war for independence. In the restive years following self-rule he set about making evocative films that, at their very best, captures and challenged the prevailing zeitgeist. Today, approaching his 65th year, undiminished and evermore imaginative, he is still hard at work shedding light on the political and social realities in his homeland.