Herr Prof. Dr. Amidu Sanni

Einladende Institution: Lehrstuhl Islamwissenschaften
Aufenthalt: 20. Juli 2013
Heimatuni: Lagos State University Nigeria (Nigeria)
Informationen zur Person:

I visited the IWALEWA HAUS, the Institute of African Studies and met with its Director Dr Franz Kogelmann who briefed me on the activities of the Institute. I was impressed by the rich collection of materials on Africa which, I strongly hope, will be a good source and resource for students and researchers on Africa. I was able to access some rare materials from Nigeria, the originals of which are unfortunately no more available at the Nigerian home. It is to be hoped that the collections will soon be catalogued and digitized for ease of use and reference.

On Thursday the 7th of July, I participated in the discussion of Professor Seesemann paper entitled:

Ilm and Adab Revisited: Feasting on Stefan Reichmuth’s Knowledge Banquet

which was presented to BIGSAS and other academics at the GW 1: Lecture Room. It was a remarkable event which gave graduate students the opportunity of developing and critiquing research techniques.

On Monday the 11th of July, I gave a presentation entitled:

Historicizing Salafi and Jihadi Networks in Muslim West Africa:  The Boko Haram in Context

to BIGSAS and other attendees from the University also participated. The presentation gave new insights into the origins of the militant insurgency group Boko Haram, hitherto wrongly depicted as an Islamic group, and offered practical proposals on how to solve radicalism and insurgency not only in Nigeria but in Muslim West Africa.

My visit also afforded me the opportunity of one-to-one interaction with some doctoral students of BIGSAS, for example, Fulera, Abba, Bakhit, Suleiman, and Yemi  Balogun. I was able to discuss their research projects with them and offer some suggestions on methodology and source utilisation. I was also able to interact with Professor Jonathan Owens on a number of research issues relating to Nigerian Arabic, his field of expertise, and on his on-going bilingual dictionary project on Nigerian Arabic. Professor Oßwald was also able to offer me a review copy of his recent publication on Mauritanian intellectual tradition.

On the whole, I want to thank the Institute, especially Dr Kogelmann, Professor Seesemann, for facilitating the visit, and Christine Dreßel for logistics and accommodation, as well as the students on BIGSAS. I hope to be able to visit for a longer period in the nearest future in order to foster closer collaboration with the University and promote the Institute’s tradition of exchange.