Frau Prof. Dr. Barbara Bompani

Einladende Institution: Lehrstuhl Religionswissenschaften I
Aufenthalt: 27. September 2016 - 01. Oktober 2016
Heimatuni: University of Edinburgh (Großbritannien)
Informationen zur Person:

Dr Barbara Bompani, is Director of the Centre for African Studies and senior lecturer in African Development at the University of Edinburgh. She is an expert on African Christianity, Religion and Development, Religion and Politics, Religion and Sexuality, and LGBTI rights in Africa. She was invited by Prof Eva Spies (Dept. for the Study of Religion) and stayed in Bayreuth from September 27 to October 1, 2016.

While in Bayreuth, Barbara Bompani gave a keynote address on “Religion and Development: Tracing the Trajectory of an evolving field” in the context of the workshop Religious Engineering. Alternative Practices in the Context of Global Development? convened by Paula Schrode and Eva Spies. In her presentation, she traced the history of the discussion about the link between religion and development in academic literature