Herr Prof. Dr. Crispin Maalu-Bungi

Einladende Institution: Prof. Dr. Clarissa Vierke, Literaturen in afrikanischen Sprachen
Aufenthalt: 18. April 2017 - 30. Juni 2017
Heimatuni: Université de Kinshasa (Kongo, Demokratische Republik)
Informationen zur Person:

From March 2017 onwards, Prof. Dr. Crispin Maalu-Bungi was a guest of the Institute of African Studies. Prof. Dr. Maalu-Bungifrom the Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines of the Université de Kinshasa is a well-known specialist of literatures in African languages. For instance, his book on Chiluba oral poetry has become a standard reference book also outside the DRC. During his time in Bayreuth, he worked on his book la littérature écrite en langues congolaise, a unique work, since it will provide the first overview on written literature in the four African national languages of the DRC, namely Chiluba, Kikongo, Kiswahili and Lingala. Furthermore, he presented his research in the Research Colloquium of African Linguistics and Literatures in African Languages and participated at the 30th Swahili Colloquium.