Herr Dr. Ugochukwu-Scmooth Nzewi

Einladende Institution: Iwalewahaus
Aufenthalt: 01. Mai 2017 - 04. Juni 2017
Informationen zur Person:  

As a returning researcher, Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi, curator of African Art at Cleveland Museum of Art (USA), was back in Bayreuth in 2016. He is associate researcher within the research project African Art History and the Formation of a Modern Aesthetic at the Iwalewahaus. To pursue his exhibition project

Feedback: Africa, Art and the 1980s, which is strongly connected to the project, he did a six-week research in Bayreuth and at Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt. He conducted a series of interviews with Norbert Aas, former assistant at the Iwalewahaus and joined a MA seminar on curatorial practice. During his stay, he held the talk “Nigerian Modernism in the 1980s” within the lecture series African Modernism. He reflected on African art during the 1980s characterized by transition in the fields of culture and the arts as a result of changes in the economic and political fortunes in many African countries. The exhibition “Feedback: Africa, Art and the 1980s” will open in April 2018 at Iwalewahaus and will be followed by a book publication later this year.