Herr Prof. Dr. Onookome Okome

Einladende Institution: Tobias Wendl Iwalewa-Haus
Aufenthalt: 01. Juni 2012 - 31. August 2012
Heimatuni: University of Edmonton, Alberta (Kanada)
Schwerpunkt regional: Nigeria und Westafrika
Forschungsfelder: Nollywood, Populärkultur, afrikanische Film- und Kinogeschichte Forschungsfeld_1, Forschungsfeld_2, Forschungsfeld_3 Forschungsfeld_1, Forschungsfeld_2, Forschungsfeld_3
Informationen zur Person: Onookome Okome is professor at the Department of English and Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Alberta, Canada. He visited Iwalewa-Haus in the context of an Alexander von Humboldt Research Award between June and August 2012. Here, he gave a presentation on “African cinema and the meaning of independence” in which he discussed two major streams of African cinema, i.e. African Francophone film and Nollywood, and their relation to the modes of European and American cinematic representation. He also worked on two booklength studies. One entitled Nollywood, Cinema, Culture, Society and Modernity and the other on Onitsha Market Pamphlets. During his stay in Bayreuth, he discussed the first steps in a joint research project with colleagues here on the influence of Nollywood on other independent African film markets.