African Studies

African Studies at the University of Bayreuth

Since its foundation in 1975, the University of Bayreuth has successfully been maintaining and fostering its focus on Africa related Studies. As a result of this work the University offers a broad and interdisciplinary range of courses of study; some focussed on Africa encompassingly, while others offer an Africa focus in distinct profiles. The first course variety is directed at students who wish to receive a complete academic training on African topics. Courses of the second variety are meant for students that are looking for a way of giving an Africa focus to a profile within another course of studies. The Institute of African Studies provides the University's students with information on BA and MA courses in major and minor subjects. For further academic training after the Masters degree please see our daughter organization BIGSAS, the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies.
Apart from providing and structuring information relevant to the studies, the IAS website offers an overview of its international connections to universities in Africa, Europe and America. Further, the academic staff of our institute regularly will invite guests who contribute to the variety of the academic location of the University of Bayreuth. Advanced students in specific benefit from the efforts the IAS takes in alumni related projects and its strongly and widely connected networks. As a good command of the German language is a prerequisite to most of the courses listed here they are available only in the monolingual version of the website. Please see the descriptions of the following English courses on the respective websites: Anglistik/Amerikanistik (BA), African Language Studies (MA), Intercultural Anglophone Studies (MA).