African Studies


The research interests of geographers in the domain of African studies in Bayreuth range from multiple theoretical questions in the area of geography with regard to structural and space-related analysis of societal, economic, technological, ecological and political transformations. They are also concerned with the examination of developmental processes and adaptation projects as well as attempted remedies to space-related problems in both rural and urban areas.

Specific fields of competence of researchers from the Geographical Institute of the University of Bayreuth relate to developmental research, migration and flight, Urban and regional studies, food provision, impact of climate change, vegetation change and armed conflicts. The regional focus is spread over the entire continent.

Bayreuth geographers are a significant part of BIGSAS as well as the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies and contribute immensely through independent and joint projects. One of such projects is the DFG focus programme SPP 1448, "Adaptation and Creativity in Africa: Technologies and Significations in the Production of Order and Disorder".

Since 2001 the Geographical Institute of the Bayreuth University offers a Bachelors programme on „African Developmental Studies in Geography"(GEFA) through which the Africa focus of the Geography department is realized. This programme is a central milestone for the interconnected transmission of fundamental geographical knowledge and regionally specific competences.