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Call for Papers: Moulay Ismail University, 14./15.11.2017, Morocco

"Maghrebine Society and the Challenges of Modernity"

Deadline: 15.09.2017

Call for Papers: Conference, University of Mumbai

"South-South Cooperation: India-Africa partnership for food security and capacity building"

Deadline: 15.09.2017

Call for Application: Masterstudium in Basel und Freiburg i.Br, Wintersemester 2017/2018

Kulturanthropologie Transnational: "Grenzüberschreitend Kooperierende Masterstudiengänge"

Deadline: 18.09.2017

Call for Application: Global Summer Semester Residence (SSCR) University of Göttingen

"Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship: InterAsian Contexts and Connections"

Deadline: 27.09.2017

Call for Papers: AEGIS CRG Conference,  Africa in the World, 22.-23.03.2018, Leiden

"Destination Africa, Contemporary Africa as a global meeting point"

Deadline: 1.10.2017

Call for Registration: Freiwilligendienst für das weltwärts-Programm des Welthaus Bielefeld

Deadline: 7.10.2017

Call for Participation: 15.-17.10.2017, KfW Entwicklungsbank & Weltgesundheitsgipfel (World Health Summit, WHS)

Hacking Global Health - Ideen für die Weltgesundheit; Ideenwettbewerb


Call for Papers: 16.-18.11.2017, Conference, Alfa Belgore Hall, Nigeria

"The One Health Approach and Sustainable Development Goals in Africa"

Deadline: 15.10.2017

Call for Papers: Jahrestagung Arbeitskreis Subsaharisches Afrika (AKSA), Institut für Geographie

Erlangen, 24.-25.11.2017

Call for Submissions: "Politics in Africa, a Family Affair?"

Deadline: 1.12.2018