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Call for Papers: IMAF/Paris, 10.-12.12.2019, Paris Pantheon Sorbonne

"Towards a New Social History of Sudan"

Deadline: 15.10.2019

Call for Application: STIAS Iso Lomso Fellowship Programm 2019, South Africa

Deadline: 15.10.2019

Call for 5 AAA Fellowships, Universität Konstanz

Deadline: 31.10.2019

Call for Application: Fellowship Programm, PAPA (Pilot African Postgraduate Academy), Bamako

"Point Sud, Muscler le savouir local"

Deadline: 31.10.2019

Call for Application: Scholars in the Study of Islam in Africa, University of Chicago Divinity School, USA

Deadline: 30.10.2019

Call for Panels, Round Tables VAD 2020, 22.-25.09.2020, Goethe University Frankfurt a.M.

"Africa challenges"

Call for Papers: NAAAS, 28th National Conference, 17.-22.02.2020, Dallas, Texas

"Aspects of the African and African American Experience"

Deadline: 09.11.2019

Call for Proposals: 5th Biennial CRG African History Conference, 18.-20.06.2020, Leiden, Niederlande

"Exciting Lecture on African History"

Deadline: 31.12.2019

Call for Papers: 2020 Annual Int. Conference of African Theatre Assosiation Conference (AfTA), 23.-25.07.2020, Humbold University, Berlin

"Ageing, Old age, and Disability in African and African Diaspora Performance, Film and Festival"

Deadline: 14.02.2020