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Call for Papers: ECAS Conference, 11.-14.06.2019, Edinburgh

"Africa: Connections and Disruptions"

Deadline: 21.01.2019

Call for Papers: 27th Annual Conference, Boston University

"In and out of Africa"

Deadline: 22.01.2019

Call for Proposals, Int. Postdoctoral Working Groups, Bayreuth Academy

"Multiple Futures: Africa and Beyond"

Deadline: 30.01.2019

Call for Papers: Special Issue, Journal of Contemporary African Studies

"African Middle Classes, Social Protest and Socioeconomic Advancement"

Deadline: 31.01.2019

Call for Papers: SCOLMA Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh

"Questions and dilemmas for libraries, archieves and collections"

Deadline: 4.02.2019

Call for Proposals: CEPED and CESSMA Internatioinal Workshop, Paris

"Education policies, schools and pupils in Africa from the mid-19th C. to the end of 1970s"

Call for Propasals, Workshop, Humboldt Universität in Berlin

"Rethinking the Technical and the Human in Global Connectivity"

Deadline: 17.02.2019

Call for Papers: 7th Biennial Network Conference, Lisbon

"Afroeuropeans: Black In/Visibilities Contested"

Deadline: 28.02.2019

Call for Papers: 2019 Annual International Conference, African Theatre Association (AfTA),

25.-27.07.2019, Luanda

"Mobility, Identity and Change: African Peoples and Theatre Forms in a Post Post-Colonial World"

Deadline: 15.03.2019

Call for Contributions, Symposium, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

"Revolutionary Left in Sub-Saharan Africa (1960s and 1970s) - a political and social history to be written"

Deadline: 31.03.2019