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Africa Multiple connects

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Live as African : On the Relevance of Thomas Sankara’s Agenda for Economic Liberation

Sylla, Ndongo Samba Sylla
29 (4) 

Une étude comparative des discours sur le Covid-19 en Côte d'Ivoire et Cameroun beaucoup de peur et de questionnement

Drescher, Martina; Boukari, Oumarou; Ngawa Mbaho, Carline Liliane2022
26 (3)COVID-19 and (Im)mobilities in West Africa
Breuer, Andras; Doevenspeck, Martin; Donko, Kamal; Ouedraogo, Serge2021

25 (2)

African Studies and the Question of Diasporas

Bewaji, John Ayotunde (Tunde) Isola


24 (1)

Figuring out how to Reconfigure African Studies

Seesemann, Rüdiger


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