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Institute of African Studies

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Public Engagement

As an institution of higher learning, the IAS firmly believes engaging with the public is essential for our mission, as the IAS serves as a vital channel through which we as members of the African Studies community at the University of Bayreuth communicate with the broader public, share our research findings, and contribute to a deeper and historically nuanced understanding of our world. As a people-based research institution, we value the interaction among individuals from diverse backgrounds and firmly believe this exchange leads to valuable insights that benefit our entire community. Our public engagement is poised to build knowledge relations in and beyond the University, with a particular focus being doorstep issues in our most immediate environment - the city of Bayreuth - as well as our African partnerships. We aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment where our members, partners, and guests feel welcomed and appreciated. Furthermore, we are dedicated to promoting diversity and nurturing a discrimination-free environment. Our strategic approach is aligned with our institutional vision and mission and is integrated into all aspects of our research and teaching programs.

In our commitment to fulfilling our responsibilities and achieving a more equitable society, the IAS collaborates with its partners on a range of projects. For further details, please click here to access additional information.

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