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Mimboabe Bakpa

Dr. Mimboabe Bakpa - "Gur languages and Togo-Ghana-Mountain languages"
(September - November, 2023) 

From 20.09. 2023 to 1.11.2023, I was a guest at the Institute of African Studies (IAS) of the University of Bayreuth. During my stay, I worked on the following projects:

  • the challenges for the success of mother tongue teaching/learning in Togo
  • grammatical issues in the contact between Gur languages and Togo-Ghana-Mountain languages.


Joseph Awetori Yaro

Prof. Joseph Awetori Yaro - "Modernising African Agriculture: Agrarian Accumulation and the Dispossession of the Peasantry"
(October, 2023) 

Prof. Joseph Awetori Yaro is a professor of Human Geography at the University of Ghana. He combines a rich background in development studies and rural geography. He is currently the Principal of the University of Ghana Accra City and the West Africa Regional Hub Coordinator for the Futures Agricultural Consortium. ...more

Senayon Olaoluwa

Dr. Senayon Olaoluwa - "Mapping African Ecocriticism: Time, Space, Context
(October, 2023)

Dr. Senayon Olaoluwa is of the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ibadan where he is the Inaugural Director of the TETFund Centre of Excellence for Diaspora Studies. His research expertise broadly draws upon the notion of diaspora as an umbrella concept that describes experiences which are suggestive of ''not being home'' in both literal and figurative terms. ...more

Dr. Moulay Driss El Maarouf

Dr. Moulay Driss El Maarouf - "Social Media in Morocco" 
(August - September, 2023)  

Dr. Moulay Driss El Maarouf is an Associate Professor at the Department of English at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (Sais), Fez in Morocco. His research focus is on Cultural Studies, including cultural theory, music festivals, and sub-culture, childhood lives, social movements, precarious communities, digital ecologies, scatology, and popular culture. ...more

Grace Wangari

Grace Wangari - "Colonialism: An Oral Musical History"
(June, 2023) 

I am a Performance Storyteller and Children's author based in Nairobi. In my visit to Bayreuth last year (and also 2022) I had come to stage a joint Storytelling and Music performance together with Hamburg based musician Sven Kacirek. ...more

Gertrude Nkrumah

Gertrude Nkrumah - "Creating and Implementation of Teaching and Learning Material at Bavarian Grammar Schools on the Topic of Africa for Geography Lessons"
(June, 2023)

On June 12, 2023, I participated in a workshop on the context of the power of images and post-colonialism in textbooks, at the University of Bayreuth.
The workshop took place from the 12th to the 18th of June and was mainly a two-fold event. The first part of the workshop began on the 13th through to the 14th of June 2023 and this part mainly involved teachers from Germany, South Africa, and Ghana. ...more

Mamour Dramé

Mamour Dramé - "Kàllaamay Réew Mi
(​May - June, 2023)

I am a researcher in linguistics and language sciences at the IFAN - Cheikh Anta Diop Linguistics Laboratory at the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD). My research focuses is on Wolof dialectology, documentation and the didactics of African languages. In 2012, I defended my doctoral thesis at the Department of Linguistics and Language Sciences of UCAD's Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences (FLSH), entitled "Phonology and comparative morphosyntax of three Wolof dialects". ...more

Dr. Mounirou Diallo

Dr. Mounirou Diallo - "Guelwaar by Sembène Ousmane: from film to novel"
(April - June, 2023) 

Dr. Mounirou Diallo holds a doctorate in philosophy and is a lecturer and researcher in the philosophy department of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. His research focuses on aesthetic anthropology and transcultural aesthetics. ...more

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