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Institute of African Studies

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Anti-Discrimination Declaration

The IAS Stands Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination

As the central coordinating entity for all Africa- and African diaspora-related research and teaching activities, IAS upholds the principles of equality, justice, and fairness. In this regard, we:

  • Acknowledge the Global Issue of Racism: We recognize that racism, particularly anti-Black racism, is a pervasive societal problem with worldwide implications, necessitating ongoing education, awareness creation, and interventions. 
  • Address Racism in Our Structures: In historically postcolonial societies, even the most well-intended organizations and initiatives cannot fully escape the long shadow of racism. We are committed to anchor an anti-racist ethic firmly within our organization and programs, a project that itself requires constant work and introspection.
  • Listen to BIPOC-Voices: We actively seek out and listen to the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students, faculty, and members to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences within our campus and research community.
  • Invest in Anti-Racism Initiatives: We allocate resources to develop, organize, and support campus community initiatives aimed at fostering anti-racist practices and values.
  • Celebrate Diversity: We celebrate the diverse cultures and positionalities that our members and students bring to us. This diversity creates creative friction and nurtures a rich professional and research culture. 

In light of the above commitments, IAS and its entities vehemently condemn anti-Black racism and all other forms of ethnic, racial, and cultural discrimination. We recognize the profound detraction these issues have on our scholars, students, and members. The IAS firmly believes that inclusive diversity is the key to the future well-being of humanity all over the world. This also applies to our most immediate environment - the City of Bayreuth -, but also to the larger German context, where a lot of unfinished work remains. 

Finally, we firmly uphold Article 3(3) of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, which prohibits racist discrimination and unequal treatment based on actual or perceived differences, such as homeland, origin, or faith.

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