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Topic Editors

Each contribution to the Working Papers series is internally reviewed by colleagues from various disciplines.

Submitted contributions to BASO are first checked by the editor-in-chief and colleagues of the discipline. After a positive preliminary examination, an external review process starts.

The following colleagues are topic editors:

Prof. Dr. Iris Clemens (Erziehungswissenschaft)
Prof. Dr. Martin Doevenspeck (Humangeographie)
Prof. Dr. Joël Glasman (Geschichtswissenschaft)
Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi (Physische Geographie, Ökologie)
Prof. Dr. Katharina Schramm (Ethnologie)
Prof. Dr. Eva Spies (Religionswissenschaft)
Prof. Dr. David Stadelmann (Wirtschaftswissenschaft)
Prof. Dr. Alexander Stroh-Steckelberg (Politikwissenschaft)
Prof. Dr. Clarissa Vierke (Literaturwissenschaft)

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