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Schee, dass du doo bist!

The citizens, all people living in the city, have a right to a peaceful and tolerant coexistence based on existing human and civil rights. Only democratic behavior and participation processes ensure success. Politics, administration, education, and research are obligated to adhere to this legal claim and to counteract all forms of inequality and discrimination based on existing rights.

The project “Schee, dass du do bist” ("We're happy you're here") contributes to the achievement of such a space for mindfulness and openness, providing impulses and initiatives to competently address forms of discrimination. The project is a cooperation and cooperative exchange between professionals from the public administration of the city of Bayreuth, the University of Bayreuth, and the association Bayreuth ohne Gewalt e.V. Understanding racism and other forms of discrimination, sensitization, and empowerment are core objectives of all efforts by those involved. With the project, an expansion of knowledge and understanding of diversity should be developed, societal group constructs (race, class, etc.) should be discussed, and resulting inequalities should be made visible.

Science and research, as well as state administration and their stakeholders, have a high social influence and an exemplary responsibility. As a university city with 13,000 students, we commit ourselves to the importance of various actors contributing to the creation of a tolerant atmosphere in the city of Bayreuth. Research, teachings, and administrative processes are all important entities shaping the attitude of the city’s society towards promoting mindfulness in interaction and language, and contribute to the institutionalization of processes against all forms of exclusion, everyday racism, and other disruptions to peaceful coexistence among people. By doing so, a space for mutually respectful human life that simultaneously acts as an important advantage for the region is created.

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