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Grace Wangari

Visited the IAS in June 2023

Grace Wangari
I am a Performance Storyteller and Children's author based in Nairobi. In my visit to Bayreuth last year (and also 2022) I had come to stage a joint Storytelling and Music performance together with Hamburg based musician Sven Kacirek. 
The project, titled "Colonialism: An Oral Musical History" looks at Africa between 18880 - 1990, with the aim of looking at the colonial period through the eyes of everyday people who lived under the oppression, and what this in turn meant for the African countries, then and now, especially on exploitation of people and resources by the colonial powers. 
We staged the performance at the university and also at Studiobühne, courtesy of University of Bayreuth. The reception was amazing and included in depth discussions with students from the university, pupils from different schools in Bayreuth (which I especially enjoyed) and also adults from different walks of life who patronised the performances.

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