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Academy reflects

35 (9)

Ọ̀rúnmìliàn Film-Philosophy : An African Philosophy through Cinematic Storytelling

Bello, Saheed Adesumbo
34 (8)      

Media Transnationalism and the Politics of ‘Feminised Corruption’

Omotoso, Sharon Adetutu

31 (7)

Future Africa?! Timescapes and the Flattening of Time in the Modern Era

Lachenicht, Susanne2022
30 (6)

Disputed Meanings of Women’s Liberation : Social Tensions and Symbolic Struggles During Angolan Independence

Figueiredo, Fábio Baqueiro2022
28 (5)

The Committee and the Uncommitted : Material Assistance to Members in Need at a Pentecostal Church in Western Kenya

Kroeker, Lena ; Gez, Yonatan N.2022

20 (4)

The Kenya we want! : from the post-colonial departure to recent hopes

Neubert, Dieter ; von Oppen, Achim


19 (3)

NGO Visions of Development in the Changing Contexts of Ethiopia : 1960s-2015

Hailu, Aychegrew H.


16 (2)

Themenfelder sozialanthropologischer Mittelschichtsforschung : Eine Vorstellung Bayreuther Projekte

Kroeker, Lena ; Voigt, Maike


14 (1)

Socio-Cultural Diversity of the African Middle Class : the Case of Urban Kenya

Neubert, Dieter ; Stoll, Florian


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